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Why Do I Need Flex Eats?

Save Money

Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank. Our plans are healthy and affordable. Our meals are sold individually making it easy for you to choose how much you would like to spend per week.

Delivered To You

We deliver your food within a 10-15 mile radius or we would be happy to arrange a location for pick up.

Making healthy food accessible is our #1 goal.


Fresh ingredients

Every meal is prepared personally by me and is made by locally-grown, seasonal and 100% natural ingredients.

Do Macro?

Everything I make is low fat, low in salt but high in nutritional value. Our meals are perfect for macro planning, and can be made Whole 30 and Paleo compliant.

We let the natural flavors enhance the food, NO GMOs, MSG or other preservatives.

Let's Talk Food

What everyone is saying about Flex Eats.

I ordered our first 10 meals to split between my husband and I and I wish I hadn’t agreed to share with him 🙂 Just after having our first meals each we both commented how delicious the food was. Can’t wait to eat the rest of the meals and order more! Great job Sam!

Alyssa Craine

I must say ohhhhh myyyyy gossshhh! I am so picky about my foods. I have tried different companies of meal prep services and this one is by far my favorite! First reaction: food smells good and looks fresh and appetizing! Second reaction: first bite of each macro. Third reaction: I’m drooling and each bite tastes fresh and flavorful. After food not being good after microwaving through other companies, this food is moist and has flavor and doesn’t taste funky or spongey after m…icrowaving…. I am super picky and that’s why I tend to “fall off” due to lack of flavor and food consistency. She is my new savior and I am excited to get my next order. She even customized it to my macros of what I need to eat!!! How amazing is that?! I’m grateful for her and not only she is amazing as an individual, but she is very humble and wants everyone to succeed in their fitness goals.

Rianne Haley

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Meet the Chef

My name is Samantha Lane, I am a married mom to 3 beautiful children. I am passionate about what I do. I love helping to feed people nutritious meals and make it convenient for them to live a more healthy lifestyle. I first learned about how much the food you put in your body dictates a lot of what your body looks like. From the old adage “You are what you eat” . The truth.. no matter how much you work out… if you eat like crap you will resemble this. In January 2017 I committed to being in a bikini competition. At the time I wasn’t overweight but I had some additional fat to lose. So I signed up with my friend at Fortitude Athletics. I was given a set of macros that I needed to hit every day. I did this for 3 solid months, I continued to do my workouts and eat right. By April I was down to my leanest I had ever been and the scale was the lowest I have seen since grade school. That propelled me on this mission. I hope you enjoy my food as much as my family and I do.